David Tipton – Chapman Stick Artist

“I feel my real musical journey began when I picked up the Chapman Stick. The years I spent playing Guitar and Bass were merely a prelude to the musical possibility revealed by the Stick,” says David Tipton

Beginning in his early teens, Cleveland, Ohio native David Tipton played guitar and bass with a wide variety of musical groups. He also spent many years performing as a solo finger-style guitarist. “I loved playing the bass in a band situation with a good drummer where I could just groove, but I also loved the challenge of playing solo finger-style guitar. The Chapman Stick gives me the best of both worlds,” says David.

“Playing the Stick led to a revolution in my musical world. I found that by learning the chord progressions in the left hand and melodies on the right hand, I could learn and memorize tunes faster than I ever could on guitar. The Stick’s unique tuning facilitates lush harmonic arrangements.” 

In 2008 David packed up his belongings and moved from Ohio to
the small town of Salida in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Since then he has been refining his craft, composing and performing exclusively on the Chapman Stick.